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Maison Gratziano



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Unique and genuine leather are the essential features, a collectible and accessory for the modern woman that stands out from the ordinary, its metallic leather texture and unique and original aroma are the perfect combination of this beautiful design.

the exceptional interior with hieroglyphics from the purépecha region in Mexico resulting in a unique value that you should not miss the opportunity to acquire it.

Serial number and certificate of originality


Made from 100% genuine, biodegradable leather.


Length 27.9 cm / 11 in

Width 14 cm / 5.5 in

Height 279 cm / 11 in


Our pieces are carefully assembled by hand to meet the standards of Maison Gratziano. This level of requirement naturally restricts the production capacities of leather parts as well as a strong demand can lead to a limited availability of certain models. Our teams will be able to accompany you through your experience to advise you on our best availability of our parts.

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After several months of making, Maison Gratziano is pleased to announce a new collection