Comment différencier un cuir authentique d'un cuir synthétique ?

How to differentiate genuine leather from synthetic leather?

You've probably had the occasion to want to make a purchase with a leather material like a handbag, shoes or a wallet, so you will have noticed that there are many different types of leather. This makes it difficult to distinguish between different products and good quality.

First of all, what is faux leather?

Also sometimes called "Vegan Leather", "PVC", or even "Faux Leather". Synthetic leather managed to deceive us by imitating natural leather. This is a material belonging to the family of plastics which aims to imitate the appearance of leather.

Maison Gratziano offers you three points that can be considered to distinguish natural skin from synthetic skin.

1- A unique touch

Genuine leather to the touch feels smooth and soft, transmits heat and has good elasticity, while synthetic leather is stiff and if scratched. Synthetic leather is less elastic and, under pressure, will not easily return to its original shape, unlike natural skin.

2- A natural flavor

It's probably one of the easiest to recognize because faux fur smells like plastic, while natural skin has a characteristic smell depending on the item made with it.

3- Reactivity to fire

This is the infallible test to which the skins are subjected to verify that they are authentic. It involves bringing a heat source close to the material which if synthetic will warp or even burn while the natural will contract, but when cooled will return to its original shape and emit a similar aroma to that of burnt hair.

Finally, at Maison Gratziano, we guarantee total transparency on the manufacture of our pieces in 100% biodegradable leather.

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