Maison Gratziano is motivated by a common vision, that of creating products that are as pleasant as they are ethical.


The development of our products in genuine bovine leather is based on a continuous life of our precious raw material avoiding wasting it, which is why we create our durable, unique and exemplary collection that makes our articles a real prestige of value and of elegance.


The time that must pass for each leather bag to become a reality and for this one to be in your hands takes several years from the conception of the skin, its development, its treatment and its elaboration, which gives each piece a unique value and worthy of being possessed by people who know how to appreciate the passage of time to create unique pieces of value.

Proudly Canadian

The pieces in our collection have been produced in close collaboration with our partner workshops. Maison Gratziano is proud to have founded its collection in Canada, drawing inspiration from its values.

The backstage